Monetize mobile & PC games worldwide in alternative markets

Playades is a Video Games Distributor AND Publisher for Mobile and PC Games

Operating in alternative markets outside major stores, our mission is to generate new income streams for game developers. Reach new paying users this way!

Game Developers

Benefit from our worldwide distribution
network to alternative game stores

Playades acts as a gateway and one-stop shop for game developers. We distribute 1000+ games solely to alternative stores and new markets around the world. Are you a developer active on stores like Google Play, Apple, Steam, etc.? Let us cover other markets for you!

Game Stores

Benefit from our huge catalogue AND CONSTANTLY NEW games content

Our Portfolio consists of 1000+ mobile games for Android & HTML5, new titles frequently released. Where needed, we provide technical SDK/device integration support and various content services on demand for game stores and platforms.


Top Android & HTML5 Games

PC Games

Starting in Q2-2024, we extend our reach to the PC platform, leveraging our industry network and expertise.

For developers working with Steam etc., we take care of alternative PC market distribution opportunities globally. Our first PC titles will be announced soon!